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This is an early prototype of a text fantasy text adventure game with a focus on the monsters instead of the heroes. You'll have to survive on an island prison but you won't be able to do so alone. You'll have to earn the favor of the other residents as you search for a way to escape.

This game is very early access and has very little content at the moment. Most of which is place holder and subject to change. As such I do recommend that you don't donate to this project yet unless you're highly confident in it, which is hugely appreciate but not adviced at this stage of development.


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This game has so much potential! Seriously, even though it was pretty short, I really enjoyed it, the characters had cool and interesting designs and the gameplay itself has that really nice old RPG style to it. I really hope you're going to keep working on this game because I'd love to play it if it does come out.  

Thanks very much. I've been working as much as I can on it, holidays and such slowed me down but I'm getting back into the swing of things now.

Love the art style. This project reminds me of 'tavern of spear', their doing something similar and they get around the leveling being a slog issue by having fetch quest to supply a merchant in exchange for gold. While fetch quests aren't the most engaging it does give some motivation to grind a bit when necessary also the fact the merchant flirts a lot so getting on his good side's a bonus. link if you want to try their public build for some ideas or just to see how they're handling problems you mite come across: https://www.patreon.com/CaroZalt/overview

Oh I've seen screenshots of this around. I'm going to give it a download now and check it out. Thanks for the link! =D

I like where this is heading. Love the artwork of the rat and goblin. Would love a dominant goblin, too. :)
The inventory system and fight UI could use some work, e.g. showing the stats of the items before you equip them and more clearly show the results of your attacks. Otherwise the player needs to scan the scrolling text for the effects.


Thanks, I do wanna add some different dominant, submissive, and switch scenes eventually because I think options are fun and important.

I'm definitely gonna work on cleaning up the UI and as I go through with this, it's a little bare bones atm because I'm still not 100% sure if this is how I want to do combat or not. Currently your equipment give you different dice that increase your attack or defense. Then during combat when you attack you roll all of your attack dice and the enemy rolls their defense dice and they take the difference in damage.

This is fine at the moment, but I'm worried about expanding on it, because I really don't want to fall into the RPG trap of "Click A until thing dies. If you die go to other area and click A until you level up." Because even though gating and level gating can be important I don't want combat to be a slog.

Once I get that sorted out I'm going to try and add some little combat animations, nothing super fancy just sprite shakes and ideally have damage and status effects show up in the center of the scene, with the combat log in the corner as an "in case you missed it" kind of a thing.

Looking forward to seeing this developed more, the art is quite good the interface is rudimentary and its very short but maybe something will come out of it eh? 
At any rate, you could create a discord for communication with your fanbase  (suggestions and bug fixes) as well as a patreon if you intend to go full tilt on this. 

Thanks, I'm hoping something will come out of it. I don't think I wanna get a discord going just yet. This is still in prototyping phase and discord can be a lot to manage but in the future I might if there's a big demand for it. I do have a patreon though, I mostly use it for anyone wanting to support be doing whatever it is I'm  doing, though I need to update it with details about this project.

seems bare for rn but it is a good start that can be built upon

Will the content be exclusively LGBT or will it be "do what you want" kind of thing, in the vein of Trials and Tainted Space?


I'll be doing my best to make sure there's something for everyone. I am a guy and gay so my gay woman and straight content might not be totally on point. But I will do my best.

That's cool. Do your best!

It wold be great if you could turn it off or on depending on what you wanted. The one thing I hate about some of these games is being forced in to M/F stuff when I'm only here for the M/M stuff. I wold imagen Straight people may want to avoid Gay content. 

I'm not going to add a hard toggle for it but I'm definitely going to avoid having forced sex scenes for a lot of reasons. First of all it's a porn game, half the reward is the sex scenes so getting sex scenes by losing seems counter intuitive. Second as a gay dude getting forced into M/F scenes feels shitty and finally consent is important, not to be super preachy or pretentious about it but I really think consent is something that's under represented in these games. Not that scenes aren't written with all parties consenting but the player doesn't get a lot of choice which feels weird to me especially in a game where choice is the point. I could get really into it but bottom line is I'm going to make sure that players always have the option to engage or not and that NPCs when engaged are consenting participants.

sounds grate can't wait to see it.

Getting, "No Compatible uploads were found for this title," when hitting windows download.

That's very weird. It seems to work fine on my end, what OS are you using?

Do it through a web browser not itch.