Prototype - 1.1

It's been a while and not a lot to show for it unfortunately. The last month has been an absolute mess for me personally and it's eaten up an incredible amount of time.

This new build doesn't have much as far as new content but it does rework the introduction and add a fairly basic questline. Several characters have been given more concrete introductions. I've reworked the combat system, rearranged the map and added some new art assets. I've also done a lot of world building in preparation for writing the rest of the narrative which should help improve update speed once I get some framework finished off.

New Things

- Entirely rewritten introduction

- Weather which change descriptions and certain areas

- A proper season and calendar system

- New art assets

- Reworked combat, stats and damage calculations

- Rearranged map

- New enemies with several new scenes

- New conversation option that allows player input


- Damage calculation doesn't work properly due to the use of Ints instead of Floats, this will be fixed in the next build

- Saving and loading the game breaks the map system. I don't know why this happens but it's a huge issue that I have had no success fixing. Until this is fixed I won't be able to make much progress on the narrative or other game elements.

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definitely a good start. The main thing that feels like it needs adjusted is the current leveling speed, which takes an abnormal amount of time, especially since the game asks if you want the item every time you scavenge. Given enemy encounter rate, staying at the start and spam searching is the only semi reliable way to level. At this time, I'd recommend multiples of 6 to 8 to make it a bit more reasonable at this time

As for the map problem, have you considered setting direction/location buttons on the left side? I don't know if that would fix the bug, or if there's a way to force refresh the map between saving or playing.

Leveling speed is entirely unbalanced. I don't really expect people to level up much if at all during this build. It's just there to make sure it functions correctly. I'll be adjusting item values and adding more valuable loot drops once I'm sure saving and loading is all working correctly. I'll also likely add some unique item drop that can be traded for a large value to Vacdes specifically which will act as quest rewards.

I believe I've fixed the map issue with some help from the renpy forum, but it still needs a little further testing before I'm sure it's working correctly.